To improve is to change

“Progress is impossible without change,” George Bernard Shaw said.

Before the beginning of this course I thought that ‘English’ could have been a barrier for me, that I wouldn’t be able to express myself in the same way I would have in my own language, Italian. Sometimes it happens I can’t find the right words in conversation, but fortunately writing always helps. 

I feel that through the blog posts I get to know my peers more deeply, and they get to know me. Receiving feedback from them has been so helpful because it has enabled me to make some improvements, particularly with grammar. 

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 13.36.40.png

Although it wasn’t the only thing that I had to fix in my blog posts. My lecturer pointed out that neither my first or second post had hyperlinks, images or keywords, so I needed to make them more enjoyable for the readers. That’s what I did! 

But my biggest challenge was to adapt both my posts to fit the word count. At the end, I’ve managed to shorten one from 319 to 188 words.


As a result, my blog posts are now more concise and interactive, thus I will definitely continue along this path.