Dear Freshers

Hi followers,

I haven’t posted in a while – three months-. I am back!


Last year at this time I’ve got an email saying ‘You have been accepted to study at Southampton Solent University‘. I am finished with my first year and I can tell you all that I have really enjoyed my time there. So I thought to write an article for the future students. Don’t be scared, everyone started as a Fresher.
Congratulations, you’ve made it to Southampton Solent University! You might be familiar with the Campus if you have been there for an Open Day, but in case you haven’t here some tips you might find useful to survive your first week:

  1. Don’t forget to bring a map. I know the feeling when you get lost; I’ve been in the same situation, unfortunately. But it’s easier than it actually looks like. Just remember that each acronym in your timetable stands for a specific building, for example, TS means The Spark or JM John Millais.
  2. Don’t mess up the JM building with the SJM. They are two different ones. SJM is the building across the park, in front of Mettricks.
  3. Don’t worry if it’s cold outside because it feels like to be in Florida when walking inside buildings. Although always bring a jacket with you if you are going to the Photo Studio because it’s actually cold there. Experience.
  4. Everyone around you speaks another language that you wonder whether you’re still in the United Kingdom or on an Erasmus program. Southampton Solent University is home to a diverse student community. International students come from over 100 countries, so here your opportunity to explore new cultures and learn a new language, for free.why not
  5. If you’re worried about making new friends, trust me this is not a problem. Everyone here – from students to lecturers – is friendly and keen to help you out. Classmates are like a second family, and your neighbours will become your new best friends. WARNING: they might be loud sometimes.
  6. Last but not least, take this advice from one of your peers. A car is not needed. Solent’s campus is located in the heart of Southampton city centre. The University is just 10 minutes walk from your residence, and so are the pubs and the shopping centre. Paying extra money for the car rent is literally unworthy. Plus your body definitely needs to benefit from a walk after eating junk food most every day.

So far these are the only tips I can think about, which I found to be essential for you to know. Hope you guys have the best years of your life here at Southampton Solent.