Don’t leave your assessments for the last minute

Although the deadline is a month from now, it’s always better to start earlier for some reasons:

  • You can get feedback
  • You have time to make adjustments
  • You don’t need to struggle to meet the deadline

For my Multiplatform Fashion Journalism assessment I chose a topic not related to fashion. I thought that it would be a challenge for me to write about something else. So, I ended up writing about equality in sport.

The task required to choose a target publication, write an in-depth feature and an online version of the same feature, and audio/video element that complements my feature. Lots work, right? No, if you ‘don’t leave it for the last minute’, as my lecturer Danilo uses to say.

Don’t act surprised I’m all done! I’ve interviewed three people, two female (of a different age) and a male to have a different point of views regarding this matter. My article for The Guardian is ready, so is the online version, and the multi-media element. Fortunately, I had no problems with the word count this time.


The vox pop was the toughest part in my opinion, because it requires a long time to edit it, concentration and a quiet environment.

Now I just need to submit it!