Being a multiplatform journalist means sacrifices

Last week instead of my usual seminar from 2 pm to 4 pm, I attended the one from 4 pm to 6 pm. No big deal, right? However, I’ve noticed that students tend to pay less attention after a long day, or when they didn’t get enough sleep.

Since I started Uni, I’ve only had classes from 11 am, but this term they changed it to 9 am. Such an awful time, isn’t it? Everyone keeps complaining about it. But today I have realized that we shouldn’t because now we are just students but in the actual working world we don’t get to choose our working hours.

Being a multiplatform journalist means sacrifices, sometimes being able to work for 24 consecutive hours. You must be punctual and meet your deadlines. Let’s face the reality; no one cares about your problems; if you haven’t had enough sleep or you’re stressed, so if you aren’t prepared to face these sacrifices, you aren’t ready to work in this environment. That’s what I’ve learned in today’s seminar.


We should stop complaining about waking up for a lecture at 9 am and make some effort because it is worth our career.